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Sydney Roosters Announce Historic Partnership with USA Rugby League (USARL)


NRL club the Sydney Roosters have announced a new strategic partnership with the USA Rugby League (USARL) as their Game Development Partner for at least the next three years, as the Roosters strive to expand the reach of rugby league globally.

The partnership is set to focus on enriching the growth of rugby league in the United States.

Key components of the partnership include:

1. Roosters West Coast Rugby League Academy: The Sydney Roosters will hold naming rights sponsorship for the establishment of the Roosters West Coast Rugby League Academy. The primary aim of the Academy is to identify and nurture promising youth rugby league players, offering elite coaching and training programs for young men and women across the US, with a focus on the West Coast. Regular camps will be conducted throughout the year, with Roosters coaching staff present to assist the local Academy personnel.

2. USA National Elite Youth Team Sponsorship: Acting as the primary sponsor, the Sydney Roosters will support the USA National Elite Youth representative team participating in the European Championships scheduled for this July in Serbia. The front of the team jerseys will proudly display the Roosters West Coast Academy logo.

3. USA National Hawks Sponsorship: The Sydney Roosters will be the back-of-shorts partner for both the Men’s and Women’s USA National Hawks teams. Additionally, the Roosters will serve as the Referees Sponsor for the USARL domestic competition, with the Roosters logo adorning the national team shorts and referee shirts. In the partnership’s second year, the Roosters logo will also feature on every football used for training and matches across domestic competitions.

4. Club Development Fund: An annual allocation will be made to a Club Development Fund, allowing clubs from the four conferences (Pacific Coast Rugby League (PCRL), Utah, Rugby League United, and Florida Rugby League) to seek funding in support of raising awareness and participation in rugby league within their respective regions.

Sydney Roosters CEO, Joe Kelly, expressed his utmost enthusiasm about the partnership with USA Rugby League, stating, “We are incredibly excited to collaborate with the USA Rugby League. This groundbreaking agreement provides a unique opportunity to extend the reach of rugby league and share our game development expertise with the passionate and burgeoning rugby community in the United States. We firmly believe that this partnership will have a profound impact on the sport’s international growth, and we are highly optimistic about the potential to unearth future rugby league talent in the US.”

USARL Chair, Matt Goschnick, shared his thoughts on the significant investment and commitment from the Sydney Roosters, emphasizing its implications for rugby league’s growth in the United States. Mr. Goschnick highlighted the partnership as a milestone for rugby league in the US, anticipating it to stimulate further investments across the nation and foster awareness and development of the sport.

The collaboration between the Sydney Roosters and the USARL presents an unparalleled opportunity to expand the horizons for rugby league, offering a clear pathway for both male and female athletes towards realising their professional aspirations in the sport. This partnership is envisioned to enable athletes to pursue their dreams of becoming professional players through the programs established by the Roosters and the USARL.

Ady Cooney, President of the PCRL, remarked, “This announcement signifies a new era for Rugby League in the US, particularly on the West Coast. We are eager to witness how the Roosters will amplify the sport’s visibility, nurture local talent, and create pathways into the NRL and NRLW.”

In a further show of commitment to the USARL partnership, the Sydney Roosters are slated to field a team in the PCRL conference for the 2025 season, competing as the Los Angeles Roosters. The team’s jersey will sport the Los Angeles Roosters and PCRL logos, with the outfit stationed between Newport and Long Beach. The team will be under the tutelage and management of LA local, Emiliano Nash, who has graciously allowed the club to rebrand the team he established in 2023.

Mr. Kelly expressed the Roosters’ vision for the Pacific Coast conference, aiming to attract more individuals to rugby league and supporting youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Roosters will provide backing to coaches and players with equipment, facilities, and skill-based development programs in alignment with the League of Roosters (LOR) established by Chairman Nick Politis. The LA Roosters will be the 26th club to join the LOR, with five of them situated outside Australia.

Emiliano Nash, in reflecting on the creation of the Los Angeles Roosters, conveyed his belief in the abundant talent present in the US and expressed gratitude to the Sydney Roosters for the opportunity and support in fostering the sport’s growth. The rebranded team signifies a new chapter in the sport’s evolution on the West Coast, furthering the mission to provide opportunities for aspiring athletes and enthusiasts to engage with rugby league.

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