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SportsCube CEO: “We Hope To Be The Home Of Sports Sponsorship”

SportsCube CEO: “We Hope To Be The Home Of Sports Sponsorship”

In an exclusive interview with Ministry of Sport, SportsCube CEO, Jackson Dickfos, discussed how SportsCube plans on becoming the home of sports sponsorship and how the sponsorship market will look post-COVID-19.

When asked why brands should look to SportsCube for their community sponsorship opportunities, Dickfos said the traditional process is outdated by a few decades.

“Everything from prospecting, negotiating, and management of sponsorships is incredibly time consuming and can really be a tedious and exhausting process for brands,” Dickfos said.

“The traditional process is knocking on the door of the club, or emailing the address you find on the website, and doing that research times the 10, 30 of 50 that’s in your community depending on where you are.

“And for a corporate level you can imagine that’s times 10, because they’ve got headquarters everywhere and they want to get in the community reaching plenty of different places.

“Traditional processes of trying to get the right opportunities, and then manage them, and then measure them so you actually get a return, is not done very well because it’s reliant on a call or email every now and then, there’s really no reporting structure for this and there hasn’t been for the last few decades,” he said.

Talking about the future of the sport sponsorship market as sports begin to make their returns after the COVID-19 lockdowns, Dickfos said there’s still a level of uncertainty around community sport.

“It’s these next two-three months of return to sport that are the most crucial, it’s not just “you’ve survived, fantastic,” there’s a lot that are still hanging on a thread that are hoping people will flourish back to the community,” he said.

“So what we’re focusing on right now is getting sponsorship dollars into clubs that desperately need it.

“The thing with sponsorship, it’s such a unique, powerful marketing activity because you can see return long after a contract has finished because people resonate your brand with something they’re emotionally connected to.

“More brands are aware of building actual relationships, and pull marketing, and emotional attachment marketing, rather than being in your face when you’re playing a game on your phone.

“We think the sponsorship market will be a lot quicker because of the pandemic, people don’t have time to have 15 meetings and negotiate contracts, they want to do this stuff online.

“It’ll be more automated, a lot quicker, and we hope that with services like ours, better measured partnerships will mean more money for grassroots sports.

“We hope to be the home of sports sponsorship,” Dickfos said.

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