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Sports Fans Are More Loyal To Brands Supporting Racial Equality

Sports Fans Are More Loyal To Brands Supporting Racial Equality

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ports fans are more likely to be loyal to brands that publicly support racial equality, according to a new survey by Octagon.

The survey, which was published in Adweek, showed 38% of sports fans, compared to just 29% of the general public, would be more likely to be loyal to a brand that sponsors athletes and teams who speak out in support of racial equality.

The survey showed more than half of sports fans openly support the Black Lives Matter movement, compared to 42% of non-sports fans, with the majority of sports fans believing “there is a precedent for sports to serve as a catalyst for changing social policy to address racial injustices”.

Octagon vice-president of research, Cristina Ackas, said the key for brands is to be authentic in their support of racial equality.

“The mass appeal of the professional sports leagues and the power that they have on a more national level, you see that sports fans are really relying on them to take charge and to move forward with these action plans,” Ackas said.

“Fans want to see what the brands are doing, and not just utilizing the athletes and other celebrities, but truly what they’re doing in their own organizations and in the community,” she said.

The survey, which looked at responses from 1,200 sports fans and non-sports fans, also showed younger fans, between the ages of 18 to 34, are more likely to support a brand that promotes racial equality than older fans.

54% of younger fans are more likely to support brands in support of racial equality, compared to 30% of older fans, with 72% of younger fans also more willing to support a social justice movement like Black Lives Matter, compared to 49% of older fans.

The survey was completed during a week in which the NBA, MLB, WNBA, and MLS all postponed games following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin which sparked player protests against racial injustice.

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