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Simtech Reveals New Visual Technology In Lead Up To Brisbane 2032


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isual technology innovation company, Simtech, has revealed new innovative and state-of-the-art LED and visual displays at the latest Australian Sports Technology Network event, delivered in partnership with Ministry of Sport.

The event, which was hosted by gold medal Olympian Natalie Cook at Simtech’s global headquarters, provided a preview of the visual technology under development and already in use as a preview of what will be possible at the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Queensland Minister for Sport and Minister for Tourism Industry Development and Innovation, Stirling Hinchcliffe, attended the event and spoke to Ministry of Sport following the event.

“It was great to see so many people from the sector get together,” Hinchcliffe told Ministry of Sport.

“Having that appreciation of how transformative sports tech across a range of concepts and platforms can be for the whole of the industry, is really exciting, but seeing so many of the faces of people who are involved in sport and sport administration realising the potential and aligning that with the runway that is the lead up to 2032 makes it even better,” he said.

When asked how excited Brisbane should be of the new technology on the way that will be showcased in 2032, Hinchcliffe said: “Enormously, what days like today do are help us inform the thinking and planning for not only what we can do, but what is possible.”

“That’s a phrase that was used in a couple of the presentations, not second-guessing what’s possible and what’s not, but being ambitious.

“I’m very much looking forward to working with the sector and not waiting for realisation of what can happen in 2032.

“With the sports tech conference in September on the Gold Coast, that’s a first step of so many more to come,” he said.

Simtech managing director, John Curtis, also reflected on the event and the key takeaways for the sports industry.

“The best moment was definitely the tour of the facility with the Minister, he was entrenched in the understanding of our technology,” Curtis told Ministry of Sport.

“Every division, every section, the whole facility itself and the environment and conversations throughout the day were great.

“The viewing deck and the platform we had in our function room to view the whole facility from here and see a whole assembly floor fully operational, was probably the most integral part of the day.

“I think today the sports industry realised whatever they think in terms of advertising, shapes and lighting, it can be built.

“I think before today, they didn’t know how it could realistically be built, but now they know they have a place locally that can develop and build it right away in a very cost-effective way,” he said.

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