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Rise of the ‘esports consultant’

Rise of the ‘esports consultant’

While esports is as much a buzzword as ‘gaming’ was to technology companies in 2011, brands, investors and Governments alike are in a fight to establish an understanding of the industry, how it operates, its cultural norms and to make predictions on future trends.

Where or who are you getting your information from? LinkedIn has seen a massive rise in ‘esport consultants’ and proclaimed experts in the space.

With many looking to quickly cash-in on their time playing games, sometimes being no more than a participant, it goes without saying that winning a few hundred dollars in local leagues shouldn’t qualify you to dictate corporate esports strategy.

Now is as important as ever in vetting your potential business partners and taking a close look at their relevant experience, rolls and successful campaigns. A telling note of your consultants’ prowess is their available networks – Esports is a tight-knit industry and those with respect and experience should be able to connect you with many others within the field.

For those in the endemic industry questioning the viability of gaining years of experience in a new industry, I would urge people to look at work in parallel fields. There are many transferable skills into the esports market from something such as enthusiast technical marketing, for the likes of companies such as Corsair, NVIDIA or Razer – These companies of which are employers of staff all over the globe in numerous esports, technical marketing and community management roles.

Esports is a widely unregulated industry as it currently stands, with some scenes and gaming titles functioning akin to the Wild West.

While industry patrons such as myself want nothing more than the scene to continue its stellar growth trajectory, it’s important to ensure this is achieved sustainably with the right partners.

Looking for an easy way to ensure your consultant is keeping up with market trends? Check their spelling of ‘esports’.

If you’re looking to learn about the beginnings of investment or employment in the space, check out the upcoming Business in Games Live Podcast, with myself and Rohan Sawyer (ESE, Bombers Esports & QeSports).

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