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Prime Video Brings “Cricket Cafe” to Melbourne To Promote T20 World Cup


In a creative and engaging activation to promote the T20 World Cup, yesterday Prime Video transformed Melbourne’s Rustica cafe into the a cricket-themed haven, bringing a unique experience to the heart of the city. The event featured Australian Test cricketer Usman Khawaja, who was serving up coffees and food to patrons.

This full branded takeover saw the T20 World Cup matches playing on screens throughout the venue, creating an immersive experience for fans. The collaboration between Prime Video, Amazon MGM Studios, and the cafe team demonstrated a creative approach to sports marketing, combining live cricket action with the comfort of a coffee shop.

The event not only highlighted the T20 World Cup but also showcased Prime Video’s commitment to engaging sports fans in innovative ways. By bringing a beloved cricketer like Khawaja into a casual, everyday setting, Prime Video effectively bridged the gap between sports entertainment and community interaction.

This activation is a prime example of how brands can leverage popular sports events to create memorable experiences that resonate with audiences, driving both engagement and brand loyalty.

Watch a video from the event below:

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