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Nike and Gatorade Biggest Winners From Super Bowl


The Super Bowl has yet again pulled in massive financial numbers as the sponsors and commercial partners reap the rewards.

In a report by Hive and Elevate, obtained by CNBC, the Super Bowl generated $USD170 million ($AUD238 million), with Nike coming out the biggest winners with over 46 minutes of screen-time.

PepsiCo brands including, Gatorade had nine minutes of screen-time, but were mentioned 11 times, more than any other brand, this was also boosted by the traditional pouring of Gatorade on the victorious coach.

Bose, a major sponsor of the NFL also saw eight minutes of screen-time and was aided by the coaches using their products to communicate during the game.

These numbers are up $USD26 million ($AUD36 million) from the 2020, but only a $USD1 million ($AUD1.4 million) from the 2021 edition.

These valuations were based on a combination of the size, quality and length of time the brand was seen or heard for.

Toyota, Verizon, and New Era followed with a combined three minutes (one minute each) of in-game exposure. And SoFi, which agreed to a $625 million naming rights deal with the Rams, had roughly one minute of in-game exposure that Hive valued at $3.5 million.

Hive said brands received more than 75 minutes of on-screen time during Super Bowl 56. That’s down from 104 minutes in 2021, in part due to the lifting of pandemic restrictions for this year’s game.

Along with the in-game exposure, the advertisers also had a successful day, with Coinbase landing 20 million users onto their website, after offering the viewers $USD10 credit on their site.

Polestar, Cue Health and Lord of the Rings ranked in the top three for viewer engagement, according to EDO inc.

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