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NFT Kings: MOS Partners with QRL, Lion Nathan & Playcasta in NFT Space.

NFT Kings: MOS Partners with QRL, Lion Nathan & Playcasta in NFT Space.

Queensland Rugby League (QRL) have announced the launch of 10,000 ‘The Ultimate Queenslander’ NFTs in partnership Ministry of Sport, XXXX Lion Nathan and Playcasta.

The metaverse tokens will incorporate five virtual lands including The Country, The Tropics, The Burbs, The City and The Beach.

The Partnership gained traction earlier this year, with the parties coming together to celebrate the spirit of Queensland, while also discussing the functionality of the partnership and bringing a sense of creativity and utility.

Wally Lewis with NFT, “The King” known in State of Origin Fan base.

Wally Lewis, who is also known as the king of the state, will feature on the NFTs, with NRL legend Johnathan Thurston and Queensland five-eighth Cameron Munster who wanted to appear on the digital assets to help grass roots rugby league grow

The NFTs will start at AUD$390, with those who buy a randomised drop having the chance to win a meet and greet with Lewis, have a kick with Munster or tickets to the 2023 State of Origin.

Commenting on the NFT collection and their value, QRL CEO, Rohan Sawyer, said: “This is really a cool way to ­potentially get the opportunity to meet some Queensland icons, get some really good value from partner offers throughout it and probably get some unique content.”

“We don’t see it as a Bored Ape (Yacht Club NFT) where it’s going be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

“But everyone who owns a token, or a raffle ticket if you like, will receive surprises and opportunities and offers from partners.

“So, it’s a year-long ability to earn prizes.

Wally Lewis NFT

“If you don’t want to hold that token, there’s a chance to sell that ticket as well,” he said.

On the collection and their connection to younger fans, Lewis, said: “I’m learning quickly about this new metaverse.”

“It’s not something I’ve done before.

“But when QRL told me about what they we’re doing, including how the NFT program would support grassroots rugby league in our home state, I decided to take the leap.

“I’m already getting teased about being king of the lands

“If I had to explain it to my generation, it’s a way to get in, it’s a way to get connected, it’s a way to get a digital image of your favourite Queenslander, with some great experiences.

“Fans have changed the way they engage with sport.

Johnathan Thurston NFT

Jonathon Thurston will join the team likes of Joel Parkinson, Olympic Gold Medalist Kieren Perkins to name a few.

“It’s not just posters and jerseys any more

“As the world progresses in the digital and metaverse space, it’s keeping our greatest fans engaged.

“We’re all learning about how the next generation want to be involved in their favourite sports.

“Why shouldn’t that include rugby league?” he said.

MOS Corporation CEO, Ben Parsons, added: “We understand the fan base is continuing to connect with codes digitally and this connection is the perfect pathway to engage, reward and up our game experience for State of Origin fans.”

“Grasping the wider audience of an NFT space was key, with numerous legends excited to participate with infamous Queenslander hero’s help stitch the story of ‘The King’ and connect in from their home state spirit.

“MOS took onboard all creative execution & partner talent strategy with Lion Nathan with QRL leading in audience and community building with tech partner Playcasta,” he said.

On the creative process, Playcasta managing director, Ken Lee, said: “We decided to utilise the Flow Blockchain by Dapper Labs due to its stability, speed and low cost of transactions whilst leveraging their existing sporting user base.”

“Consumers can choose to buy through traditional secured online payments by using their credit or debit cards or, utilise an existing Crypto Wallet.

“Non-Fungible Tokens projects such as ‘The Ultimate Queenslander NFT’ provide a fantastic way for Queenslanders to own an asset that represents them and the community in which they live.

“Our aim is to build a strong community around this project that will provide value well into the future,” he said.

The 10,000 NFTs will drop on 2 separate drops, first Pre Sale 1000 on June 29th and then the major drop on July 6th inside ‘The Ultimate Queenslander’ shopfront at www.qldernft.com.

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