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NFL reveals plans to expand to new international markets in 2024


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has confirmed that the league is set to expand its international presence by staging a regular season game in a new country in 2024.

While the NFL has already ventured into the UK, Mexico and Germany for international games, it now aims to further broaden its horizons.

Spain and Brazil are emerging as the primary candidates for this expansion – and Goodell indicated that a decision will be reached soon.

“We’re looking and analysing where we go next year. We will certainly go to a new market next year for sure,” Goodell shared with Sky Sports.

“We’re debating on that, and I think we’ll have a decision in the next 30-45 days … I think that’ll be exciting for us.”

The NFL has been frequently taken regular-season games to London, while Frankfurt recently witnessed the first of two scheduled matches. Mexicohas intermittently hosted NFL games since 2016. The addition of another country to the schedule in 2024 is part of the league’s overarching strategy to enhance its global reach.

In a separate interview conducted in Frankfurt, Goodell mentioned that Spain and Brazil are the front-runners to host historic NFL matches. Miami Dolphins, who played against Kansas City Chiefs in Germany, have the rights to market in Spain and Brazil as part of the league’s global marketing program. Additionally, Chicago Bears hold marketing rights in Spain.

In Brazil, the NFL is covered by RedeTV and ESPN, while Movistar broadcasts the games in Spain.

The NFL’s international games have been met with positive responses, with strong matchday attendance and television viewership in these markets. The league sees this as a substantial growth opportunity, as the popularity of American football continues to grow beyond the United States.

The NFL’s expansion into international markets is also well-received by team owners, who recognise the potential of these ventures. The league views this as a pivotal moment in its history and a unique opportunity to become a global sport. Goodell emphasised the importance of fostering debate and considering various perspectives, including those on the ground, in order to make informed decisions.

“We have made it clear to our ownership that we think this is a unique time in our history and to advance our growth particularly,” he said.

“I think it may be the single most important growth moment in our history. Because we now get a chance to share our game.”

The NFL is committed to capitalising on its momentum and furthering its reach with the full support of all 32 teams.

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