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NFL announces global expansion with eight international games in 2025

NFL announces global expansion with eight international games in 2025

The National Football League has revealed plans to double the number of international games to eight in the 2025 season. This decision comes as part of the NFL’s ongoing commitment to global expansion and was officially announced following a vote by the league’s 32 franchises during a meeting in Dallas, Texas.

The expansion of international fixtures signifies the NFL’s proactive approach to increasing its global footprint. This year, five international games were held, including three in the UK and two in Germany, with one breaking an NFL Network viewing record in Frankfurt.

The NFL will make history with its first-ever regular-season game in South America, set to take place next season in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the Corinthians Arena. This significant milestone adds to the league’s international repertoire, which will include three games in London, UK, and another in Munich, Germany, bringing the total to five international games for the NFL in 2024.

As part of the updated resolution, NFL clubs will not be mandated to play more than one regular-season game outside North America in the same season unless they opt to do so. Additionally, international games will not be scheduled after week 14 of each NFL season, typically in mid-December.

“Becoming a global sport is a major strategic priority for the league and 32 teams,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated.

“Increasing international game inventory allows us to grow our global presence and share our game with exciting new markets to connect with more fans around the world.”

Chair of the league’s international committee, Joel Glazer, added, “International games have been a huge success, and we are excited for the opportunity to share the sport of American football with more fans from around the world in the future.”

Since the NFL ventured beyond the United States with its first regular-season game in Mexico in 2005, a total of 50 international games have been played across the UK, Canada, Mexico and Germany. The recent inclusion of Green Bay Packers in the UK marked the completion of all 32 NFL franchises participating in regular-season games outside the United States.

Discussing the league’s foray into South America, Goodell remarked, “Bringing the NFL to new continents, countries, and cities around the world is a critical element of our plan to continue to grow the game globally.”

“Brazil has established itself as a key market for the NFL, and we are excited to be playing in Brazil and São Paulo for the first time in 2024.”

The Corinthians Arena, previously a venue for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, sets the stage for the NFL’s debut in Brazil. With over 38 million fans in the country, Brazil holds the NFL’s second-largest international fanbase, trailing only Mexico. The league is broadcast in Brazil by RedeTV and ESPN.

As the NFL charts new territories and explores untapped markets, the announcement of increased international games and the historic South American debut marks a pivotal moment in the league’s ongoing global expansion strategy.

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