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Padres Make History with Motorola Jersey Patch


The San Diego Padres will be the first-ever Major League Baseball (MBL) team to wear a sponsored patch on their uniforms next year.

Following a new sponsorship deal, Padres announced on Tuesday that they will wear Motorola on the shoulder of their uniform, becoming the first MLB team to reach a uniform advertisement deal.

The Motorola patch was revealed in a video starring players Manny Machado and Blake Snell

The MLB is now the second of the big four American professional leagues to allow sponsored patches on the player’s uniforms, followed by the NBA which started selling sponsorship logos back in the 2017-18 season. 

Although the NHL already has helmet patches, they too have announced that they will allow players to have jersey patches next season.

Motorola vice president and general manager, Rudi Kalil said: “Motorola and the Padres share a commitment and passion towards creating meaningful consumer experiences.”

“Being woven into the San Diego Padres jersey is an exciting and pivotal moment for the Motorola brand and our innovative product line, and we’re thrilled to connect with Padres and worldwide baseball fans through this first-of-its-kind MLB partnership,” Kalil said.

Padres CEO Erik Graupner added: “We are thrilled to partner with a quintessential and innovative brand like Motorola to bring cutting-edge technology, design, and performance to Petco Park.”

“Motorola’s iconic logo on our jersey is a perfect alignment with our Padres brand, and we look forward to teaming up to provide a great experience for our fans,” Graupner said. 

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