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Ministry Of Sport Founder Reflects On Women In Sport Summit 2021


Ministry Of Sport Founder Reflects On Women In Sport Summit 2021

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he Ministry of Sport Women in Sport Summit 2021 took place on Friday, June 25 at USC Stadium, delivered in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council and Tourism and Events Queensland.

At the Summit, Ministry of Sport founder, Ben Parsons, joined Brisbane Lions AFLW CEO, Breeanna Brock, and Queensland Cricket commercial and marketing manager, Pete Lock, on stage for a panel discussion led by host, Kate Jones.

Reflecting on the key moments of the Summit, Parsons pointed out the presentation by Foxtel director of commercial for sport, Rebecca McCloy.

“Rebecca from Foxtel did a really good job, both in terms of Foxtel’s messaging and their strategy, it makes a lot more sense the way they positioned it,” Parsons said.

During the Summit, Parsons also presented on the new athlete education tool, Playa Power, which serves to help athletes monetise and grow their own brand.

On the key takeaway for all the guests about Playa Power, Parsons said: “It’s a marketing coach for athletes around how to create their brand and grow their social audience.”

“Brands should be interested because they will get a deeper level of engagement if athletes use it, and administrators should be involved because they’ll then have a larger collective voice around their sporting code.

“This should be something brands, administrators and athletes do in partnership going forward because it will benefit everyone.

“Athletes have the raw end of the stick at the moment, particularly if they’re in a non-broadcast sport, there’s a lot of issues that need to be fixed, both for women in sport and men.

“No one in the athlete management world knows anything about media, and athletes are suffering because of it,” he said.

At the Women in Sport Summit 2021, Parsons revealed the Playa Power platform is now live in Australia for athletes and brands to register their interest and can be viewed here.

Over the coming weeks, Ministry of Sport will be releasing video footage from the Women in Sport Summit 2021, including Ben Parsons’ speech on the currently untapped value of athlete monetisation across digital platforms and how Playa Power can work to reduce the gap and improve outcomes for athletes.

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