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Ministry Of Sport Begins Recruitment For Q3 Journalism Intern Intake


Ministry Of Sport Begins Recruitment For Q3 Journalism Intern Intake

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inistry of Sport (MOS) has begun the recruitment search for the Q3 (Quarter three) journalism intern intake following the success of the program in Q1 and Q2 of 2021.

The 12-week internship program, since its introduction in 2020, has led to career growth and outcomes for a number of participants, including roles at the AFL, online media publications, and public relations organisations.

As part of the Q2 intern intake, the MOS team welcomed both Cody Mathieson-Lowe and Analiese Stitt, who have combined to produce over 160 written content pieces for publication on Ministry of Sport to date.

Speaking on the success of the internship program, MOS editor, Joshua Hodson, said: “The MOS intern program has seen us bring in some incredible talent so far.”

“Being able to work with amazing young journalists and assist in their professional development has been very rewarding and I am very excited to continue doing so in our Q3 intake,” Hodson said.

Reflecting on the experience as part of the Q2 intern intake, Mathieson-Lowe said: “I believe this internship is a great experience for anyone wanting a start within the sports industry or wanting to hone their writing skills.”

“Every day I was working on something new and exciting, and I got to interview people from all over the world from places such as London, Dallas, and New York.

“You also get a better understanding of the sport industry as a whole.

“Before the internship, I wasn’t as versed on sport finance and business as I am now, and I am quite fascinated with the governance and commercial side of the industry.

“You’re also working with a very supportive and collaborative team who are always there to help and develop story ideas and your writing style,” Mathieson-Lowe said.

Another member of the Q2 intern team, Stitt said the experience has helped her grow her confidence as a journalist.

“I learnt so much during my time with Ministry of Sport; it’s hard to break it all down into just a few points,” Stitt said.

“Coming into the internship, I knew virtually nothing about business, but everyone was so helpful in teaching me the ropes and filling any gaps in my knowledge.

“Working with MOS helped me grow confidence in my writing style and increased my portfolio tenfold.

“It also gave me the opportunity to try new things, step outside my comfort zone, and it has put me in touch with some great contacts in the sports industry.

“A highlight for me would definitely be attending the recent Women in Sport Summit, where I was able to hear so many great and passionate speakers and mingle with some powerful players in both sport and business.

“I am really grateful to have been able to work with MOS and I am so thankful to all the team for helping me grow as a journalist,” she said.

If you are interested in applying for the Q3 journalism intern intake at Ministry of Sport, refer to the current LinkedIn job listing or email your resume and cover letter directly to [email protected].

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