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MATE Named Largest Sports Sponsor In Australia


Telecommunications company, MATE, has been named Australia’s largest sports sponsor, with the fan-empowered sponsor supporting 30,000 sports clubs.

Through a partnership with sponsorship platform, MyFavorito, MATE runs ‘redeemable videos’ on MyFavorito enabling fans to send 50 cents to a club of their choice through engaging with content.

MATE also offers customers the opportunity to send $15 to a club of their choice when they sign up to an internet and mobile plan.

Discussing the sponsorship model and how MATE has implemented the model, MATE general manager, Mark Fazio, said: “We want all Australian sports fans to support a mate that supports your club on MyFavorito.”

“We are empowering fans to make money for the clubs they love by doing what they do every day, which is paying for an internet and mobile service.

“MATE ran sponsor incentive schemes for football club members previously, but MyFavorito delivers commercial innovation at scale.

“It’s a radically different approach to sponsorship: zero upfront investment and MATE supports all grassroots sports clubs in a fully transactional way.

“MyFavorito is simple to execute and efficient as the platform manages all financial processes.

“Plus, we can integrate with existing systems,” Fazio said.

MyFavorito managing partner, Mark Hinshelwood, said MyFavorito creates an opportunity for clubs to access a new infinite revenue source.

“More than just helping sports clubs make more money, we’re changing the game for millions of fans, brands and clubs,” Hinshelwood said.

“MyFavorito is the fan-empowered sponsorship platform that generate infinite revenue so everyone wins.

“It’s great to have MATE as an early mover, the first brand to roll out nationally and unlock an emotional driver of customer behaviour.

“We love having Sam Kerr appear in MATE promotions on MyFavorito, what a great ambassador to introduce Australia to fan empowered sponsorship.

“Fans can now make money for their favourite sports clubs through everyday behaviours, attention, and spending,” he said.

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