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Insights: Nielsen Digital Landscape Report Reveals Increase In Sports Consumption


Insights: Nielsen Digital Landscape Report Reveals Increase In Sports Consumption

Finding’s from the latest Nielsen Digital Landscape report recorded that in the month of July 2021, 15.2 Million adult Australians consumed online sports content, up nearly 1 million from just this April. 

The Nielsen report outlines the latest digital audience trends based on the IAB Australia and Nielsen digital rating currency, revealing how many Australians are reached online, trends of time spent online and what Australians are consuming online. 

In July 2021, 15.2 million adult Australians consumed sports content online, spending on average 1 hour and 36 minutes per person during that month. 

The findings show an increase in consumer behaviour, where in April this year 14.4 Million adult Australians consumed sports content, although spent longer on average per person, around 1 hour and 48 minutes. 

Furthermore, during the month of July, the top ten digital parents reached over 12 million adult Australians, leading as follows; Google, Facebook, News Corp Australia, Microsoft, Australian Federal Government, Nine, eBay, ABC, Woolworths and Amazon.    

Across this, 93% of adult Australians’ could be reached online, with 79%  able to be reached on a computer and 88% on a mobile device.

A final key point included that adult Australians spend a total of 92 hours per person consuming content online, with 32 hours per person on a computer and 69 hours per person on mobile.

The increase in restrictions in certain states of Australia due to COVID-19 may account for why more people were tuning in to sport as a source of recreation and entertainment.

However, the report for July is premature to the current figures yet to be revealed for adult Australians consuming sporting finals and major events set for the rest of the year. 

With the AFL grand final just being played and the NRL grand final kicking off on Sunday, amongst other major events, we can predict these figures will only rise for the month of September.

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