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Gatorade Removes NHL Sponsorship

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Gatorade Removes NHL Sponsorship

Gatorade has announced they will not be renewing their partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL).

This was in response to their brand reinvention, which is aiming to sponsor a larger and more diverse group of athletes.

The company is looking to associate with a larger group of athletes, including student athletes to advertise their brand to a greater audience.

Gatorade has already partnered with two new athletes: US Olympic Games gold medal-winning gymnast, Suni Lee, and high school basketball star, Hansel Emmanuel.

Gatorade global head of sports marketing, Jeff Kearney, said: “We’ve had to be very thoughtful in where our resources, both people and funds, are going.”

“So, for us, we didn’t want to over-commit in one space, instead focusing on reaching as many athletes as we can,” he added.

Kearney also commented on Gatorade’s potential to partner with individuals and teams in the metaverse, saying: “It won’t be long before Gatorade is in the metaverse and all over both fantasy sports and Web3.”

“We’re just trying to move sports and our partnerships forward in that fashion, taking a different lens on all the relationships that we currently have and that we’re building in the future,” he said.

Gatorade’s renovated lens on partnerships will aim to partner with various athletes to cultivate the most diverse athlete roster possible.

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