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From Climate Scientist in Washington DC, to Grand Slam Debut at the Australian Open: Gabriela Knutson shows you can do it all! By Lachlan Wills


Gabriela Knutson was born in California to an American dad and Czech mum. Both parents were pro athletes in their own right.

Gabriela became a prodigious Collegiate athlete, dominating courts across America.

A combination of sport burn-out and a thirst for knowledge in climate science, led her to walk away from the sport she once loved, to pursue a global mission.  

Gabriela completed a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Broadcast Journalism at Syracuse University, before moving to the UK to complete a Master of Science, and then a Master of Sustainability, Energy and Environment. 

This led to a dream opportunity working in Washington DC with the Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions.

But the passion for tennis that burned bright in her childhood began to flicker again, and at the start of 2022 she entered a minor league tournament “just for fun.”

Less than two years later, Knutson has climbed from being ranked 700 in the world, to now 150, and is on the eve of making her Grand Slam debut at the Australian Open.

Today, Gabriela opens up about what drives her, and tells us how she re-built a pro sports career that was shut down at age 19.

We get a real and raw insight into the life of a pro tennis player, hustling on tour, away from the bright lights of luxury endorsements and private jets that the top couple players in the world enjoy. 

Knutson shares the journey of building a tennis career, building a brand, a business, and her journalism career- on her own, in hotel rooms scattered across the globe, eating order-in pizza. 

This is a woman on a mission who has proven she has the acumen, dedication and passion to do it all.  

Listen to the full podcast here: https://ministryofsport.com/ministry-of-sport-podcast/

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