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FC Barcelona Exceeds 10 Million Subscribers

FC Barcelona Exceeds 10 Million Subscribers

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arcelona have become the first sports club to reach 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

Second only to the NBA with 14.7 million subscribers, Barcelona will be presented with the Diamond Creator Award, awarded to channels that surpass 10 million.

FC Barcelona finished the 2018-2019 season with 7.2 million subscribers, 2.6 million more than the previous season.

They have surpassed competing clubs, with Real Madrid at 5.92 million, Flamengo at 5.55, Liverpool at 4.98, and  Manchester United at 3.21.

One of the first clubs with a YouTube presence, FC Barcelona first appeared in February of 2006, and by June 2017, had become the first club to reach over 3 million subscribers.

The club have since developed Barcelona Emojis, ‘Most Likely to’, a series where players answer who would be most likely to do certain things, like invent something useful, or go skydiving.

The 90 second challenge, where players are asked 90 rapid fire questions and must answer as many as possible in 90 seconds; and have collaborated with other content creators. 

Barcelona director and head of digital, Dídac Lee, said: “On YouTube we are committed to reaching our fans through contents designed and created specifically to feed the interests of this site’s audience, and by adapting formats to the channel’s specificities.

“This success reinforces a consolidated long-term strategy that has put us at the forefront with standards of excellence that we hope to maintain.

“The recent opening of Barça Studios should help us to stay ahead, and at the same time make our content compatible with our own audiovisual products like the recently created Barça TV+ service,” he said.

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