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Exclusive: La Liga Tech CEO On Aligning Digital Strategy In Sport


Exclusive: La Liga Tech CEO On Aligning Digital Strategy In Sport

In an interview with Ministry of Sport, La Liga Tech CEO, Miguel Angel Leal, discussed the Spanish top-flight football league’s reliance on digital tech and how it aligns with the broader strategy.

Launched as a new subsidiary of LaLiga, LaLiga Tech became the world’s first company to combine the international sporting competition with technical expertise with a team of 140 specialists offering commercial solutions to accelerate the digital transformation.

On the role of the COVID-19 pandemic in increasing the transition to digital for sporting organisation, Leal said the opportunity arose for LaLiga to offer its digital tech for other organisations to continue widespread digital growth.

“The pandemic caused the world to embrace digital by default, which caused a shock across the sports industry as well as real economic harm,” Leal told Ministry of Sport.

“While the industry is now recovering, this experience underlined the need for sports properties to maintain strong digital relationships with their fans and accelerate their broader digital transformation.

“This is a strategy that LaLiga anticipated and has been working on since 2014 but its importance has never been clearer.

“We have the technology to create engaging platforms that engage fans, manage competitions and enhance content within a single digital ecosystem, analysing the data from each part in an integrated and holistic way.

“This use of data and analytics is key to creating campaigns and content that resonate with our audiences and drive deeper connections with them.

“Through LaLiga Tech, we are offering the same platforms and data analysis that have grown LaLiga to the wider industry so that they can better optimise their competitions for the digital era,” he said.

Discussing the potential value LaLiga will receive through the operations of LaLiga Tech, Leal pointed to the role of data in sport.

“Our ambition is to lead the digital transformation of the sports and entertainment industry,” Leal said.

“Achieving this will mean we have helped many other organisations to digitise their competitions and design their platforms around data capture, which will have a positive impact not just on LaLiga but on the value of the whole industry.

“We have a great array of existing clients and a strong pipeline, so I am confident we will meet these goals.

“We offer a unique and holistic proposition being the only company that combines the experience of organising a global sports competition with technology development.

“In terms of earning potential, our data analysis capabilities have helped drive growth for LaLiga for many years.

“Having good data about the fan and their individual preferences has been essential to understanding the different audiences that LaLiga has around the world and engaging them with new campaigns.

“It also provides enormous value to broadcast partners, sponsors and to clubs who may be looking to engage a specific audience or region.

“If the wider industry can harness this data, the growth potential is huge,” he said.

When asked about the role of esports competitions in a sporting organisations’ digital evolution, Leal said: “Esports is a great example of how sports can broaden their approach and digitally engage fans.”

“As we have seen with LaLiga’s own competition, the content generated through esports is extremely entertaining and can be a vehicle to attract new fans and introduce them to the wider competition.

“For leagues or clubs who are looking to integrate their esports content into their wider digital strategy, we can incorporate all existing platforms into our ecosystem or develop new platforms dedicated to the esports competition.

“This would generate new data specific to this audience that could be used for future marketing or commercial activities across the organisation.

“In our view the more parts of the competition that can be interconnected for data analysis, the clearer the picture you will have of business performance and the decisions that need to be made,” he told Ministry of Sport.

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