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European Super League Launches New 80-Team Tournament Proposal

European Super League Launches New 80-Team Tournament Proposal

A22 Sports Management, the sponsor behind the creation of the European Super League (ESL), has proposed a new ‘open-competition’ format, despite previous disapproval from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

The ESL is now focused on open competition that would involve 60-80 clubs, selected based solely on sporting merit from their domestic leagues and allowing for both promotion and relegation within the tournament.

In a bid to resurface the ESL, a statement was released by A22 today, outlining ten principles for a reinvented league.

The statement outlined discussions with nearly 50 European clubs and stakeholders, highlighting that “the vast majority of them share the assessment that the very foundation of European football is under threat, and it is time for a change”.

The new multi-divisional system counters the original ESL project, where 12 of the world’s wealthiest football clubs had agreed to join the competition.

Commenting on the proposal, A22 CEO Bernd Reichart, said: “Our discussions have made clear clubs are often unable to publicly speak up against a system where the threat of sanctions is used to stifle opposition.”

“Our objective is to present a sustainable sporting project for European club competitions available to, at a minimum, all 27 EU Member States as soon as possible after receipt of the judgment.

“The issues are clear, and action must be taken for the benefit of fans, players, and clubs,” he said.

Additionally, the ESL is promising to invest in women’s football, outlined in the ten principles:

  • Broad Based and Meritocratic Competitions
  • Domestic Tournaments: The Foundation of Football
  • Improve Competitiveness with Stable and Sustainable Resources
  • Player Health Must Be at the Centre of the Game
  • Club Run Competitions with Transparent, Well Enforced Financial Sustainability Rules
  • The World’s Best Football Competition
  • Improved Fan Experience
  • Develop and Finance Women’s Football
  • Significant Increase in Solidarity
  • Respect For European Union Law and Values

This news comes after Football Australia opened expressions of interests for a second-tier league.

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