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Episode 15. Part 2 Murray Barnett Special

Episode 15. Part 2 Murray Barnett Special

Our latest ‘Conversations’ vodcast series episode featuring a specialist in the business of sports rights sales, sponsorship, commercial development and management from London, Murray Barnett, Ministry of Sport founder, Ben Parsons, spoke to Murray about the future of sport business after COVID-19.

“I wouldn’t say I have all the answers, but I would say it’s been a bit of a good reality check, if there is such a thing as a good reality check, in the sense of making people realise and… understand what’s really important,” Barnett said.

“I think, at the centre of that, is the fan, everything you do has to be engaging and focused around delivering and empathising with your fans, and I think that’s it, do the key things well and everything else will slot into place.

“Whether you look at it from a political level, or whether you look at it from a sports marketing level, it’s the same, it’s clear messaging to your constituency.

“It’s about making sure you empathise and understand what they’re going through as well, and I think probably the biggest thing, is a bit more access into understanding what happens behind the games, so more access and more content around players lives and how the teams are coping,” he said.

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