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Drone Racing League Pens Largest Sponsorship To Date


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rone Racing League (DRL) has announced an AUD$136 million deal with blockchain platform Algorand for the next five years, making it their most significant sponsorship agreement to date.

Over the next five years, Algorand will receive title rights to DRL’s World Champion circuit as the racing series will bring a Digital Drone Racing championship into Algorand’s network.

As part of the deal, the DRL will launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) blockchain-enabled ticketing services, fan transactions, collectables, and in addition, programmers, coders and crypto developers will be welcomed to Algorand hackathon events at DRL races.

Algorand will also receive branding across DRL’s social media, broadcast and gaming platform for the duration of the five-year deal.

DRL president, Rachel Jacobson, said: “The Drone Racing League’s global, tech-obsessed fans love that our sport constantly evolves, and blockchain was the next ground-breaking technology in our sights.”

“Algorand shares our values of speed, innovation, and inclusivity.

“As the largest partnership in DRL’s history, we have ambitious plans to deliver a unique sports experience in the metaverse.

“We are incredibly excited about how this partnership will change the game for sports fans, technologists and the blockchain community around the world,” Jacobson said.

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