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Darwin’s TIO Stadium Set For Upgrades


Darwin’s TIO Stadium Set For Upgrades

The Northern Territory Government has announced a series of infrastructural upgrades for Darwin’s TIO Stadium in a bid to secure international cricket matches and enhance the spectator experience.

With almost $1 million in funding, the construction of a nursery worth $280,000 will oversee the maintenance of drop-in cricket pitches at TIO Stadium, as the state looks to bring international cricket back to the Northern Territory after more than a decade. The nursery will have the capacity to store three drop-in pitches, with two pitches ready to be placed at the center of TIO Stadium in July before NT Cricket’s Cricket 365 program.

In addition to the nursery, upgrades are also being made to various amenities in and around the stadium to improve the venue for spectators. This includes investing $113,000 in pathway lighting for easier navigation during matches, $91,166 for a new PA system, $56,689 for enhancements in the men’s toilets, and $51,762 for bollards and an upgraded distribution board to ensure a safer and more reliable electrical system for vendors during major events. Furthermore, $400,000 is being allocated for operational expenses to support event hosting at TIO Stadium.

A concerted effort to upgrade facilities and pitches signifies a significant leap towards putting the Northern Territory on the map as a premier cricketing destination in Australia.

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