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Curtis Scott To Sue NSW Police For Six Figures After Lost Sponsorship


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anberra Raiders star, Curtis Scott, is reportedly planning to sue NSW Police for a six-figure sum after he lost sponsorships after his Australia Day 2020 arrest.

Magistrate Jennifer Giles cleared Scott of seven charges concerning an incident where he was found intoxicated and asleep under a tree in Sydney’s Centennial Park by NSW Police after Australia Day celebrations.

Giles said the circumstances surrounding the NRL player’s arrest were “unlawful”, with police body camera footage showing officers handcuffing, tasering and spraying him with capsicum spray while he was asleep.

Scott’s lawyer, Sam Macedone, said Scott will proceed with legal action against the NSW Police after being cleared of the charges, as Scott lost his Nike sponsorship deal as a result of the charges.

“We sought a transcript of what happened in court, which I’ve now got,” Macedone told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’d say we’d be in the process of issuing a statement of claim hopefully before Christmas.

“It should never have got to court, but I couldn’t talk them out of it.

“I made it quite clear very early on in the piece that if they withdrew, there would be no application for costs.

“But they saw fit to run it, so game on.

“Next year, it will come to roost,” he said.

This comes after Scott was awarded more than $100,000 in legal costs after Magistrate Giles compared the treatment of Scott by officers to “gratuitous violence off the dark web.”

“I genuinely think Mr Scott might have been safer if he had wandered onto the roadway and been hit by a car,” Giles said in September.

“He would at least have still had the free use of his hands, and being upright, would have got an ambulance much more quickly.

“He wouldn’t have been blinded for 20 minutes and wouldn’t have been electrocuted while lying handcuffed on the ground.

“Try to watch the bodycam footage without flinching.

“And try to remember you’re not watching gratuitous violence off the dark web,” she said.

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