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Commonwealth Bank And Cricket Australia Renew Long-Standing Partnership


Commonwealth Bank And Cricket Australia Renew Long-Standing Partnership

Cricket Australia and Commonwealth Bank have announced the renewal of their long-term partnership for a further three years, sharing an equal commitment to the development of the women’s game and fundamental goal to make cricket “a sport for all.”

Commonwealth Bank has partnered with Cricket Australia for over 30 years, and since 1999 has been committed to developing the women’s game from community to professional levels.

According to a media release by Cricket Australia, in the past five years, Commonwealth Bank’s investment into women’s cricket has supported over 70+ girls-only leagues, assisting both the clubs and role models that inspire young girls to play cricket.

The statement said since 2016, there has been more than 70% growth in girls registration for club cricket and entry-level programs, in addition to 40% growth in girls competitions prior to the impact of COVID-19.

Now over the next three years, Commonwealth Bank plans to continue its investment into the women’s game by promoting gender equity and providing opportunities for girls to play through “The Next Innings: Accelerating Female Participation” strategy. 

Cricket Australia’s chief executive officer, Nick Hockley, said: “We are incredibly grateful for all the support that Commonwealth Bank has given to cricket over the past 30 years and it is so exciting to continue our partnership at this time of tremendous growth and opportunity for the women’s game.”

“Through our shared commitment to ensuring that cricket is a sport for all, we look forward to working with Commonwealth Bank to bring people together and make a positive impact in the community,” Hockley said.

Commonwealth Bank ambassador, Ellyse Perry, said the partnership was important for the continued growth of the game. 

“It has helped to create more opportunities for girls to play the game and has inspired them to pick up a bat and ball, have a go, and join their local club,” Perry said.

In addition to supporting the women’s game, Commonwealth Bank has also shown its commitment to crickets moto “becoming a sport for all” by investing in crickets diversity since 2017-18.

According to the media release, this has lead to a 23% growth in participation among Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander’s, 29% growth in participation among people with a disability and 24% growth in participation among culturally diverse communities. 

CBA group executive of marketing and corporate affairs, Monique Macleod, said they are committed to making cricket accessible for every individual.

“Our goal is for cricket to be a sport for all and we hope to achieve this over the next three years by funding not only the women’s game but also delivering targeted initiatives to engage diverse and inclusive teams and communities,” Macleod said.

When COVID-19 permits, Cricket Australia has said Commonwealth Bank will also fully fund international tours for cricket national teams for people with a disability. 

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