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Catapult Launches All-In-One Video And Data Analytics Platform


Combining its video analysis platform, MatchTracker, with its wearables system, Vector, global sports technology company Catapult has launched a first of its kind, all-in-one video and data analytics platform.

The platform will allow athletes and clubs to contextualise player-specific performance insights with the use of video footage in a single platform in order to increase efficiencies, save time and optimise decision making.

The platform was first beta tested by MLS club, Nashville SC, who used the combined structure to analyse the physical outputs of every phase of play by customising athlete performance data with video footage.

Catapult Workflow Block Integrated Platform
Catapult Workflow Block Integrated Platform

Discussing the combined tool, Catapult CEO, Will Lopes, said: “Coaches have more data than ever before, but without context for why and when certain data points occur, they are unable to unleash their potential.”

“For the first time ever teams will have the ability to quantify and visualize new aspects of game planning that were previously isolated in silos within their teams.

“This saves coaches critical time and empowers them with insights they’ve never had before.

“The advanced functionality will dramatically help to streamline workflows, break down team silos, and allow for a more comprehensive view of athlete performance.

“I can’t wait to see what teams around the world are able to achieve with this technology,” Lopes said.

The integrated platform is now launched for all football and rugby clubs worldwide, with an expected rollout to occur over the next 12 months across global basketball, American football, ice hockey, college sport, and the AFL across Catapult’s global network of 3,425 elite teams in 137 countries.

After completing the testing phase, Nashville SC senior director of strategy and analytics, Oliver Miller-Farrell, said the combined platform will be used throughout the upcoming season.

“We were excited to work closely with Catapult on the initial stages of this integration and testing, and now look forward to implementing the complete package during our upcoming season,” Miller-Farrell.

“The integration of a performance dataset within our video software will give us a new lens of analysis for both games and training sessions, as well as offer us ways to improve the efficiency of our existing workflows across both performance and video departments.

“It’s an exciting combination of two important information sources that mutually provide context to one another,” he said.

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