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Watch: Brain Health

Watch: Brain Health

Welcome to Ministry of Sport Brain Health . We will discovery  CTE and Brain Research and uncover startling revelations and new insights in brain health for sports administrators, sportmanagement and their organisations. Watch online with various exclusive vodcast interviews, articles and insights.

Dr Ann McKee // Boston University School of Medicine

Dr Ann McKee, MD, is William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor of Neurology and Pathology at Boston University, Director of Neuropathology for VA Boston, and Director of the BU Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Center. Dr. McKee is a board-certified neurologist and neuropathologist whose career focuses on Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Her groundbreaking work on the long-term effects of repetitive head impacts, concussion, and blast injury in contact sports athletes and military veterans shifted scientific thought regarding head trauma; she demonstrated that repetitive “mild” head trauma can provoke CTE, a devastating neurodegenerative disease. Dr. McKee published over 70% of the world’s cases of CTE.

Nathan Thynne // Chief  Executive  Officer Digital Health Organization

Nathan has over 25 years of experience in the hospital and health technology sector throughout Australasia. He has previously been the Co-founder and group Executive of the Healthe International group of companies. He also has been the Managing Director at Health Corporation of Australia, and a Director on Nova Health Ltd.

Sam Collins // Chief Technology Officer Seccade Analytics

Saccade focusses on eye-tracking in virtual reality to deliver better care for concussions and vestibular disorders. Make objective assessments based on scientifically-validated metrics in just minutes. Provide interactive rehab targeted to each patient’s needs.

Jane Burns // Mind Medicine Australia

Driving public and private partnerships. A smarter approach to mental fitness, wellbeing, social innovation and disability. Deeply committed to the wellbeing of young people, people living with a disability and the Veteran community. Winner. Social Enterprise. 2015 Australian Financial Review and Westpac Group 100 Women of Influence. Victorian Finalist. 2017 Telstra Business Women’s Awards. Founder. InnoWell Pty Ltd. Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.
Experienced Director. Government Advisor and Senior Executive. Chair of Open Arms. Chair of STREAT. NED of InnoWell, APPLI and Mind Medicine Australia.

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