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BodyBus providing elite level sport and health testing in South East Queensland

BodyBus providing elite level sport and health testing in South East Queensland

The BodyBus from BodyPlan is the first and only mobile unit that can provide elite level sport and health testing for people with mobility issues in Australia.

The BodyBus mobile testing facility provides DEXA body composition, metabolic testing and VO2 testing to all types of athletes, from the Australian Cricket Team, Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Roar through to Crossfit Gyms and Bootcamps.

The equipment is used for diagnostic purposes, that can do a range of studies from Bone Mineral Density studies through to Body Composition testing and Chief Body Officer at BodyPlan, Dr Sharon Bryant, believes their unique and scientific approach to testing allows them to have a holistic view of the athletes’ health.

 “It is not just about body fat percentage but more about pre-rehabilitation, where we look at issues around muscle imbalances, fat measurements, including visceral fat and bone health,” she said to Ministry Of Sport.

“Our approach is backed up by both Radiologists, Exercise Physiologists and Sports Dietitians who focus on sports and performance, rehabilitation management, weight loss, bone health and even chronic disease management.”

Its widely considered that these types of testing if not done correctly, with the correct protocols and positioning practices can be problematic, including scaremongering by companies around ‘radiation dosage’ produced by DEXA.

“As we highlight to our clients, you would get more radiation driving your car to work than from a DEXA,” Bryant said.

“The DEXA is now also becoming a useful tool for musculoskeletal injuries, where physiotherapists are now arranging for a DEXA Body Composition to assess the pre-surgery/rehabilitation muscle and post-rehabilitation outcomes.” 

 “We have seen trainers with injuries 10 years ago who have done a body composition with us who did not realise the risks they were carrying because of the issues around muscle imbalances and It is one of the key areas most underutilised for active people who have experienced injuries.” 

The BodyBus’s mobile unit travel’s to sporting clubs, offices, gyms or boot camps throughout South East Queensland and is accessible to the elite athlete, people with mobility issues, through to the weekend warrior.

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