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BLK Launch Revolutionary Netball Uniform To Promote Inclusiveness

BLK Launch Revolutionary Netball Uniform To Promote Inclusiveness

In a progressive move by Australian sportswear manufacturer, BLK, a revolutionary type of netball uniform as been developed to give women a choice in what they wear on the court.

New research has revealed that 1 in 5 women feel uncomfortable wearing a dress when playing sport and the new designs by BLK, which have been launched today, are hoping to change that statistic.

Since netball started in 1901, girls have been sporting a dress while competing on the court, but, with the rise of equality transcending sporting codes internationally, the movement has pathed the way for netball to make a change.

“We’re about pro-choice,” BLK CEO, Tyron Brant, told Ministry of Sport.

“This is the first change in 100 years for netball and we have been working on this product with the Firebirds and Netball Queensland for two years now, to make sure we designed garments that allowed players to perform, but also feel comfortable in.

“We hope these new innovative uniforms invite more players onto the court and ultimately increase grassroots participation.

Launching in 15 different countries, the new designs include pants, shorts, singlets, shirts and long sleeve shirts.

The decision to create garments that ‘include everyone’ has been well received by Netball Queensland and the Firebirds players.

“Netball has achieved significant growth in Australia in the last couple of years, so to give young girls and women a choice with what they want to wear when playing our sport, is something we are proud to support,” General Manager- Commercial Netball Queensland, Justin White, said.

“Whether it’s mums returning for the first time, or women from different ethnic backgrounds wanting to get physically active, the new designs from BLK are creating a more inclusive environment for netball.

“We look forward to teams across the country adopting the new designs.”

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