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Australian Cricket Team Navigates Uncertainty in Shirt Sponsorship Deal

Australian Cricket Team Navigates Uncertainty in Shirt Sponsorship Deal

As the first Test of the summer approaches, the Australian cricket team finds itself in an unusual position, with no confirmed sponsor for their playing shirts. This predicament comes on the heels of the expiration of a notable $40 million deal with Alinta earlier this year, sparking discussions and speculations.

Some team members have already participated in commercial shoots with blank shirts. The last time the Australian cricketers entered a home season without a shirt sponsor was during the 1995-96 season, underscoring the significance of this situation.

Cricket Australia has been actively engaging with various brands, some of which are currently under contract with other properties. Stephanie Beltrame of Cricket Australia shared, “The uniforms worn by our Australian cricket teams are iconic and we are comfortable taking our time to secure a great partnership for the men’s shirt that is mutually beneficial for all parties.”

The ethical dimension of sponsorship deals has also come into play, as Men’s captain Pat Cummins expressed concerns about the environmental impact of the Alinta deal due to its status as a major carbon emitter. Usman Khawaja, a board director of the Australian Cricketers Association, emphasised the players’ role in influencing sponsor choices, highlighting their responsibility to vet sponsorships that align with broader cricket values.

“We have a responsibility to the whole of cricket, whether that be drugs, alcohol, whatever it may be, we have a responsibility to the public of vetting sponsorships,” Khawaja stated.

“I believe CA do already do that in some way, and there is an avenue where the ACA can be involved with them a little more strategically. I think the world is changing, not saying it’s changing in a specific direction, but inclusivity is a big part of it.”

“And if inclusivity is a big part of it then you need to have these conversations, especially when it comes to team sports. I think that’s where it starts and stops.”

The newly appointed chair of Cricket Australia, former NSW premier Mike Baird, has been a vocal critic of alcohol brands occupying prominent positions on the front of playing shirts in the past. His leadership signifies a potential shift in the sponsorship landscape for Australian cricket.

As the Australian cricket team navigates this period of uncertainty, the search for a new shirt sponsor remains a pivotal aspect of the sport’s business landscape. The outcome of these deliberations will not only impact the team’s appearance on the field but also reflect the evolving values and priorities of Australian cricket.

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