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World Rugby Introduces 12-Day Concussion Protocol

World Rugby Introduces 12-Day Concussion Protocol

Updating its graduated return to play (GRTP) protocols, World Rugby has adopted an independent recommendation to increase concussion protocols to a 12-day stand down.

Putting most players out of action come their next match, the ruling deems no player will return earlier than seven days unless approved by an independent concussion consultant.

Newly acknowledging player history of concussions, further assessment criteria will be incorporated towards individual safe-to-play protocols.

World Rugby chief medical officer, Éanna Falvey, said the decision puts player welfare first.

“It’s not just a new protocol – It’s going to be a new mindset for coaches and players,” Falvey said.

“World Rugby firmly believes that scientific evidence supports our protocols, but we are continually monitoring and testing them to ensure that they are fit for the modern game,” he said.

World Rugby independent concussion working group member, Dr Bob Cantum, acknowledged World Rugby’s swift adoption of the research.

“The individualised rehabilitation protocols ensure that rugby players are playing a game, governed by the very latest scientific evidence and that is exactly as it should be,” Dr Cantum said.

World Rugby chief executive, Alan Gilpin, noted the revised and continued efforts of the organisation.

“We will continue to work with players across the world, at all levels of the game, to educate the importance of brain health and of reporting symptoms where they occur, while doing everything we can to reduce the risks,” Gilpin said.

“Rugby is a game that bring immense benefits to those who play, benefits which far outweigh the risks.

“However, we know that any collision sport such as ours will result in injury and it is incumbent upon us to provide our players with the best advice we can and that is exactly what we’re doing with these Individualised Rehabilitation protocols,” he said.

The news comes after World Rugby announced a landmark partnership for Women’s rugby.

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