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WHOOP Partner With Women’s Tennis Association

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WHOOP Partner With Women’s Tennis Association

Sport wearable company, WHOOP, has been named the official fitness wearable of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) in a multi-year partnership.

With the partnership, WHOOP will become the first wearable technology utilised in-match for the WTA, bringing biometric data into WTA broadcasts and social media content in monitoring player performance and analytics.

WHOOP and the WTA’s Performance Health team will also work together on research about physiological responses, readiness, and sport performance, through the examination of challenges such as global travel, frequent and high-intensity training on menstruation, and other women’s health factors.

WHOOP founder and CEO, Will Ahmed, said the partnership extends WHOOP’s work in integrating real-time data into broadcasts for the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, NASCAR, and CrossFit.

“We’ve long known that many WTA players are members and fans of WHOOP,” Ahmed said.

“Our new partnership allows every WTA athlete to wear WHOOP during matches for the first time.

“It also enables us to provide viewers at home with physiological insights about these world-class athletes.

“We are proud to partner with such a global and elite athletic organization,” he said.

Discussing the new partnership, WTA president, Micky Lawler, said: “Our partnership with WHOOP represents a pivotal moment in women’s professional tennis.”

“We are proud and grateful as we welcome the WHOOP team, and we look forward to evolving our athlete health and wellness together.

“WHOOP’s cutting-edge technology serves as a new research and learning tool for WTA players.

“Numerous players have already adopted WHOOP wearable technology as a means to optimize physical output.

“WHOOP will play an instrumental role in the future of women’s tennis and will endow our current and next generation of athletes with a wealth of innovative performance analytics,” Lawler said.

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