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Understand Artificial Intelligence with Robert Tilt, Director of Nowlab at Isobar

Understand Artificial Intelligence with Robert Tilt, Director of Nowlab at Isobar

In our seventh interview of our Annual Conference speaker series, we talk with Director of Nowlab at Isobar, Robert Tilt. 

Looking at everything that has and hasn’t worked in the sports marketing industry in the past year, whilst also showcasing major players, innovators and game changers disrupting the sports industry – these interviews will offer a preview to the kind of insights on display to administrators in November.

With the Annual Conference at QT Gold Coast on Thursday, November 15th drawing near, you can find more information about the event on our event page or for ticket purchases you can visit oztix here.

Having a diverse background of fine art, computer science and advertising, Robert stands at the crossroads of technology and human experience. Leading Nowlab in Australia – Isobar’s emerging technology division – he deciphers emerging technology to determine the real value it can offer.

During his digital career, Robert has worked across all categories with some of Australia’s biggest brands such as Woolworths, ANZ and David Jones. Recently, he has been exploring the potential of blockchain to transform the media supply chain, and driving his team to explore the frontiers of mobile AR.

1. What will you be covering during your presentation at the Ministry of Sports Annual Conference?

Artificial Intelligence has sat with the tech giants for decades, but it’s now opening up to be leveraged by brands.  From Japanese arts to walking robots, find out what AI actually is, discover how it is relevant to you, and ultimately what you need in order to apply it to your business. This is why my presentation is appropriately called AI, applied.

2. What are the key learnings that attendees will take away?

  1. An easy-to-understand introduction to AI
  2. An understanding of how it can be applied to your business
  3. What you need to do to get ready

3. Why is this presentation important for sports administrators right now?

AI has been touted as the most defining and disruptive technology that will happen in our lifetimes. It’s not just limited to big technology companies, as it will influence every facet of our digital lives. Find out how it’s relevant to you and what digital infrastructure you need in place to take advantage of it.

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