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State Of Origin Game 1 Enjoys Highest Viewership Since 2016


Channel Nine has released the official ratings from State of Origin Game 1 last week.

The game attracted a whopping Total TV National Reach of 5,306,000 and a Total TV National Average Audience of 3,436,000 for the Pre-Match, Post-Match, and Game 1 of the series.

Clever scheduling of sports events proved its significant impact on commercial success yet again, with the Maroons’ commanding performance in the series opener on June 5 serving as a prime example. This showdown not only enthralled a vast audience but also underscored the critical role of strategic timing in sports broadcasting.

Known for its intense rivalry and massive viewership, the State of Origin series has long been a treasure trove for broadcasters and advertisers alike. A well-timed game can directly sway advertising revenues and sponsorship deals, showcasing the importance of synchronising with viewer habits and market trends. This year, the Maroons’ victory drew millions of eyes thanks to its opportune prime-time slot, ensuring heightened engagement across various demographics.

Scheduling goes beyond just selecting a date; it’s about deciphering audience behaviour and market nuances. By slotting the game at a time when viewers are most available, broadcasters capitalised on the event’s full potential in terms of audience size. This strategic placement not only enhances the value of advertising slots but also fosters a sense of community and shared experience among fans, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty and engagement.

The triumph of the State of Origin series further accentuates the profound impact of effective scheduling on commercial partnerships. Brands that align with such sporting spectacles reap heightened visibility and engagement, fostering commercial success and expanding their market foothold.

By mastering the art of timing, broadcasters and advertisers open doors to enhanced engagement and profitability, ensuring a thriving ecosystem for the sport and its commercial affiliates.

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