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Pro sport teams to have own esports league in 2019

Pro sport teams to have own esports league in 2019

A new esports league is set to enter the space in 2019 but the announcement has left people with more questions than answers.

The League of Professional Esports is backed by Japanese entertainment firm Akatsuki and was announced on the second day of Gamescom. in Germany.

The premier league is designed to accommodate only those who are also in the traditional sporting world with teams such as Spain’s FC Barcelona, Dutch club Ajax, Turkey’s Galatasaray and a number of other soccer teams from Japan, Brazil, and Spain apparently onboard.

A prize pool of $500,000 has been promised but so far the game on which the league will be based hasn’t been named. 

With only soccer teams so far signed up, this leaves many struggling to identify with the league as a lot of esports fans will only be interested in one or two titles.

Surprisingly it seems that the LPE is not worried about this move at all.

“The physical world limits us to compete, whether due to limitations of age, gender or simply physical capacity,” said CEO of the LPE, Xavier Cortés.

“With the arrival of esports we want to break that barrier and turn it into a flag that represents us all.”

“We intend to bring light and transparency to a sector that moves millions of young people all over the world, and who see in this new way of competition an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talent.

“That is why our league also aims to be a point of convergence between both worlds, reaching different generations and uniting both followers of conventional sports and esports.”

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