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Nebraska Volleyball Makes History with Unprecedented Attendance in Women’s Sports


An astounding 92,003 spectators made history last week  by breaking the world record for the highest attendance at any women’s amateur sporting event. The game held the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium in Lincoln  between home side the Nebraska Corn Huskers and their fierce rivals the Omaha Mavericks ended in a comprehensive victory to the Huskers.

The NCAA does not comprehensively track attendance for all sports, but according to Jeff Williams, the Associate Director of Media Coordination and Statistics, a gathering of over 90,000 spectators easily ranks among the largest crowd for a non-football NCAA event. Volleyball has now outpaced basketball to become the primary female team sport in the United States, and it has long held the top position in Nebraska.

The buildup to this momentous match was extensive, characterised by a sustained effort to garner spectator enthusiasm that commenced in the previous spring. Nebraska took the initiative by declaring their intention to orchestrate a comprehensive day of volleyball festivities. The sport enjoys robust backing within the state, a fact demonstrated vividly as fans engaged in pre-match tailgate festivities, reminiscent of the fervor surrounding college football games, throughout the day.

Nebraska’s standout athlete, Lexi Rodriguez, emerged as a pivotal force, contributing 15 remarkable digs and executing 3 strategic serve aces that propelled her team towards their historic triumph.

Reflecting on the monumental occasion, Rodriguez conveyed, “The magnitude of this moment is immense, especially for young girls witnessing a women’s sport like volleyball showcased on such a grand platform. The substantial investment and support from a vast audience make an undeniable impact.” Rodriguez further elaborated, “During one’s formative years, ambitious aspirations and grand dreams take root. This significant event becomes an enduring source of inspiration, a reminder for young girls as they journey through the world of volleyball.”

The contemporary landscape of women’s sports is undergoing a transformative shift, and the recent record-breaking attendance figure stands as a significant milestone that foreshadows a promising future, extending beyond the confines of volleyball to encompass the entirety of women’s athletic events. This landmark achievement is not only noteworthy in terms of numerical records, but also carries profound implications in the realm of representation and aspiration.

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