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NBC : Winter Olympics Takes Over Post Super Bowl Show

NBC : Winter Olympics Takes Over Post Super Bowl Show

In 2022 the NBC, official broadcaster of the Super Bowl, will simultaneously broadcast the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is later than ever, happening on February 13, while the Olympics will run from February second to February 19.

This decision comes after a 49% decrease in ratings for the summer 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The hour after the Super Bowl concludes, has one of the highest ratings in the broadcast year.

In 2018 the NBC had an average of 27 million viewers in the hour post-Super Bowl.

Broadcasting the Winter Olympics in the hour post-Super Bowl is expected to dramatically boost ratings.

NBC chairman, Frances Berwick, said: “We have the benefit and the luxury of being right in the middle of the Olympics and we have a commitment to air live Olympics.”

“Given the time difference, it will be full on prime games for us as we come out of the Super Bowl.” He said.

NBC’s goal is to use the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics to cross promote each other in an effort to boost the ratings for each other.

This is the first time in 46 years a TV series has not been broadcast directly after the show stopping game.

“We want to be able to maximize the coverage of the Olympics while it’s going on and especially when we’re in full live events.” Berwick said.

“Given the 13 hour time difference with Beijing we will be post-Super Bowl, I cannot overstate I feel very good about our ability to maximize the promotion for the new shows and the entertainment shows, in that embarrassment of riches across the Super Bowl and the 18 days of the Olympic platform.” He said.



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