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NBA Launchpad Selects Seven Companies To Enhance Fan Engagement

NBA Launchpad Selects Seven Companies To Enhance Fan Engagement

The NBA was always on the lookout for new technologies that could enhance the game of basketball and create new fan experiences.

With the success of NBA Launchpad in its first year, the league decided to expand the program’s scope to include emerging fan experiences both at home and in NBA arenas.

The league received hundreds of submissions from a diverse range of applicants, including early-stage startups and public institutions.

After a rigorous selection process, the NBA selected seven companies to participate in the second instalment of NBA Launchpad, who include: Advancing The Game

  • SkillCorner (Paris, France): Technology that uses computer vision and machine learning to generate player tracking data from existing video feeds.
  • Springbok Analytics (Charlottesville, Virginia): AI-based technology that transforms MRI data into a 3D digital twin, quantifying an athlete’s musculature for precision health and performance optimization.
  • Supersapiens (Atlanta, Georgia): Technology that analyzes glucose data to inform athletes how nutrition impacts their well-being, sleep and athletic performance.

Enhancing The Fan Experience

  • Action Audio (Victoria, Australia): Technology that transforms spatial data into information-rich 3D sound experiences, helping blind/low vision audiences to follow sport in real time.
  • EDGE Sound Research (Riverside, California): Embodied sound technology that leverages standard audio inputs to produce audible, haptic and tactile sensation directly to a fan within an arena or at home for sports, music and gaming.
  • nVenue (Houston, Texas): Sports betting platform that uses machine learning and AI to generate game-relevant probabilities and micro-bets for fans to engage with in real-time.
  • Tagboard (Redmond, Washington): Audience experience platform designed to help production teams create the most engaging content in the world with a fraction of the resources required by traditional graphics systems.

The companies will participate in a six-month R&D project within the NBA’s ecosystem, receiving access to NBA resources and hands-on support to develop future technologies.

Commenting on the companies selected, NBA VP of basketball strategy, Tom Ryan, said: “NBA Launchpad is proud to support startups that are leveraging AI and machine learning to drive innovation in the sport of basketball.”

“By partnering with these cutting-edge companies, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the court and unlocking new insights that have the potential to transform the game,” he said.

NBA VP of global strategy and innovation, Jason Bieber, added: “The expansion of NBA Launchpad has opened the door to create and enhance ways for fans to experience our game.”

“By partnering with these innovative companies, we hope to bring fans closer to the action and uncover insights about the future of fan engagement,” he said.

The Launchpad companies will present their findings to NBA executives, strategic partners, and investors during NBA Launchpad Demo Day at NBA 2K24 Summer League in Las Vegas.

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