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NBA and MLB introduce spatial computing apps for Apple’s Vision Pro


The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) have recently revealed immersive reality apps designed specifically for Apple’s innovative Vision Pro headsets.

Touted as a ‘spatial computer’, the Apple Vision Pro harnesses a blend of visual, audio, speech and touch inputs to forge an expansive canvas for apps, transcending traditional display boundaries and ushering in entirely fresh immersive encounters.

Renowned for their technological prowess, the NBA and MLB stand at the forefront of this venture, being among the first in the sports industry to embrace and support this cutting-edge device.

The updated NBA app now boasts the capability to simultaneously stream up to five games, whether live or on-demand. Additionally, it features modules presenting real-time player and team statistics alongside scores from other matchups. The NBA has ambitious plans to further enhance its support for the Vision Pro in the near future.

MLB is also gearing up to announce a dedicated version of its app for VisionOS in time for the upcoming season opener. Users can expect to be transported into a virtual ballpark, complete with three-dimensional enhancements powered by live ball tracking data.

The MLB app will enable users to overlay the standard MLB application with other apps while using the Vision Pro. MLB is also diligently working on a suite of tailored features for its MLB.TV direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming platform.

“Baseball fans seek out connection with their favourite teams and players with the greatest possible level of depth – Apple Vision Pro provides us an entirely new way to present the national pastime to fans in their own space, no matter where they are, with remarkable depth, clarity and sound,” explained Noah Garden, Deputy Commissioner of Business and Media at MLB.

“Thanks to Apple’s remarkable ingenuity and our incredibly talented staff at MLB, fans can transform their space into a Major League ballpark and surround themselves in a rich, spatial experience that was previously impossible, all while enjoying a more immersive viewing experience.”

MLB has a history of embracing Apple’s innovations, having launched the first sports application for the iPhone in 2008 and serving as a model for subsequent launches like the iPad and Apple TV.

Additionally, the PGA Tour has also joined the fray by introducing an experience tailored for the Vision Pro. Their app overlays stats and feeds onto three-dimensional renders of actual courses, powered by live shot tracking data, offering users an immersive golfing experience like never before.

Image credit: Apple

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