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Mayweather Vs Paul Draws Over 1 Million PPV Buys, Tyson Sues Culture Kings


Early predictions have shown Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will generate more than 1 million pay-per-view (PPV) buys with the card priced domestically at USD$49.99 (AUD$64.48).

If the predictions are correct then the card will profit over USD$50 million (AUD$64.5 million) from PPV buys alone.

While the predictions indicate the PPV buys won’t be higher than previous bouts with Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather didn’t sound concerned in his post-fight comments.

“They say, ‘It’s not all about the money.’ Well, your kids can’t eat legacy,” Mayweather said.

“The patches on my trunks [earned me] $30 million alone.

“So, who’s really the smartest one in the sport of boxing?

“When it comes to legalized bank robbing, I’m the best,” he said.

For YouTube star turned boxer, Logan Paul, the card will draw close if not equal to his brother’s boxing card earlier in the year.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren, which was promoted on Triller, drew in between 1.2 to 1.6 million PPV buys with the card also priced at USD$49.99.

Elsewhere, Mike Tyson has launched a lawsuit against Australian streetwear retailer Culture Kings who allegedly used his likeness to sell T-shirts without permission.

The former boxing world champion claims the retailer sold a range of clothing with branding such as “Mike Tyson”, “Iron Mike”, and “Kid Dynamite” without his approval.

The filing claims that Culture Kings practiced misleading and deceptive conduct under Australian Conusmer Law with the product “causing a consumer to associate the references, images, and words with [Mike Tyson].”

Culture Kings - Mike Tyson

Above: Clothing sold by Culture Kings which has since been taken down by the retailer.

Tyson is seeking losses and damages from the merchandise as well as any profits made by Culture Kings from the sale of the offending apparel.

Culture Kings are an Australian based streetwear retailer that sell a variety of sporting apparel and have a growing sport celebrity clientele such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Jayson Tatum, and Israel Adesanya.

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