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Liverpool Could Earn Up To $277 Million For Winning Premier League

Liverpool Could Earn Up To $277 Million For Winning Premier League

[mkdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#f55549″ background_color=””]L[/mkdf_dropcaps]iverpool are expected to earn up to $277 million for winning England’s top-flight soccer competition, the Premier League.

An estimation based off of last years’ winners, Manchester City, who earned $270 million in total prize money, combined from international broadcasting revenues, central commercial revenues, merit payments, facility fees, and equal share.

Last year, even finishing in second place, Liverpool managed to earn over $274 million, $4 million more than Manchester City, thanks to Liverpool having more live broadcast games.

Despite this estimation, the impact of COVID-19 could have a large impact on the financial distribution for all clubs and the Premier League, due to the season suspension, games played without fans in attendance and the uncertainty of commercial partnerships.

Regardless of the impact of COVID-19, the Premier League started a new three-year rights cycle before the 2019/20 season, which reportedly increased the total payout to all clubs by more than $324 million.

Last year, every club received payments worth $61 million in equal share, $77 million in international TV rights and $9 million in central commercial revenue, before taking into contact their respective facility fees based on the clubs’ number of matches broadcast in the UK and merit payments based on their finishing position in the Premier League competition.

With the inability for fans to attend Premier League matches due to COVID-19, research from Nielsen Sports found new branding positions in empty stadiums could give global value between $1.2 million and $3.6 million to commercial partners of clubs for each game played behind closed doors.

The study found that particular branding positions in the form of stadium wraps on either side of the halfway line would be worth more than a club’s principal partner might generate on a stadium LED board, typically considered one of the most valuable branded assets in soccer.

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