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Interview with Travis Crothers, CEO and co-founder of Creator Sports

Interview with Travis Crothers, CEO and co-founder of Creator Sports

In the second interview of our Annual Conference speaker series, we talk with Travis Crothers, CEO and co-founder of Creator Sports.

Looking at everything that has and hasn’t worked in the sports marketing industry in the past year, whilst also showcasing major players, innovators and game changers disrupting the sports industry – these interviews will offer a preview to the kind of insights on display to administrators in November.

With the Annual Conference at QT Gold Coast on Thursday, November 15th drawing near, you can find more information about the event on our event page or for ticket purchases you can visit oztix here.

Creator is a Fan-Tech company developing smart products for sports fans.  Fan devices that connect Teams and Brands with Fans on game day and every other day.

Creator is led by hardware and UX design veterans Travis Crothers and Doug Buckle and offers design and development services and accelerated execution to global brands, sponsors and teams for connected product experiences and the Internet of Things (IoT)

1. What will you be covering during your presentation at the Ministry of Sports Annual Conference?

I’ll be presenting a quick-fire version of Creator’s methodology and activities they use to implement innovation at scale for their global clients.  If guests come armed with a strategic business challenge they would like to tackle, we will guide them to build a plan and to get them started – today. Creator will then share some tech innovations we are working on in sport and fan engagement in markets including USA, Mexico, Colombia and here in Australia. We will share how some of the activities just covered helped shape the direction of those products.

2.What are the 2-3 key learnings that attendees will take away?

  • Methodology on how to implement innovation in sport and fan engagement.
  • Examples of how this methodology has delivered innovation in sport globally.
  • How you could build experiments to Test Fail Fix Scale based on the 3 best things you’ve seen at this conference.

3. Why is this presentation important for sports administrators right now?

Innovation could well be the most overused term in Sport, actually in business!  Yet with so much talk about innovation, we continue to hear that organisations aren’t great at executing.  Why is that?  Time? Resource? Budgets?  In most cases, it’s all three.

So if you have been in lots of workshops that ended with a wall full of post-it notes but can’t remember whatever happened to all those ideas, join us to find some ways to move beyond the idea phase.  Creator’s uses their Test-Fail-Fix-Scale process.  Let us show you how.

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