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Independent Sport Complaints Mediation Service Launches

Immediation CEO founder Laura Keily

Independent Sport Complaints Mediation Service Launches

The launch of the Independent Sport Complaints Mediation Service (ISCMS) in Australia means the sports industry will now have an independent space to raise and resolve sports-related despite and complaints.

The ISCMS was developed by Australian legaltech company, Immediation, and follows the launch of a similar service, the Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service (SRCMS) in New Zealand last year, which has since received over 170 disputes or complaints which have all reached a concluded mediation.

The ISCMS aims to assist individuals and sporting organisations to seek support to address issues such as historic allegations of abuse, bullying and harassment, allegations of human rights breaches, inappropriate behaviour by coaches, governance issues, conflicts of interests and more.

Immediate CEO and founder, Laura Keily, said the success of the New Zealand service will see Australian sport uplifted.

“We hear it time and time again — athletes coming forward to share their experiences of harm in hope of seeking justice, but are failed when it comes to taking action,” Keily said.


“Many issues simply go unheard because current systems are opaque or set up in a way that makes it too difficult for individuals to raise their concerns.
“An independent, impartial mechanism enables people to raise issues in a safe way, in the strictest confidence, and for everyone involved in the matter to be properly supported as they move through a process to resolve the issue.
“I’ve spoken to dozens of top Australian sporting executives as well as athletes recently, and they all echo the sentiment that a service like this is desperately needed.

“Sports hold a special place in Australians’ hearts.

“We must uphold sports integrity across the board if we want to enjoy it for decades to come,” she said.

Former AFL athlete, Jason Akermanis, said the service may have helped him with his career-ending experience during his athletic career.

“To get fired from your job is one thing, to get fired in front of 22 million people is another,” Akermanis said.

“If there had been a mediation service like this, maybe my experience would have turned out differently,” he said.

The ISCMS has confirmed any complaints or disputes presented to them are triaged confidentially and then in consultation with individuals and relevant sporting organisations, with the ISCMS providing informal facilitation, mediation, or independent investigations as appropriate through an online dispute resolution technology and a panel of mediation and determination experts.

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