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Hawk-Eye Live Technology Opens Up Sponsorship Opportunities

Hawk-Eye Live Technology Opens Up Sponsorship Opportunities

[mkdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#f55549″ background_color=””]T[/mkdf_dropcaps]he Australian Open is using the new Hawk-Eye Live system for the 2021 tournament, eliminating the need for linespeople.

Only players, chair umpires, and ball kids are required on courts at this year’s delayed grand slam.

The new technology  as reported last week , utilises remote tracking cameras to relay automatised line calls to the umpire, removing the need for player challenges.

Various sports in the world have embraced refereeing technology to mixed results, as competitions and tournaments aim for greater accuracy and fairness in officiating.

NRL’s ‘The Bunker’, cricket’s DRS, and football’s highly controversial VAR are examples of video and virtual officiating becoming increasingly influential in professional competitions.

In the case of the Australian Open, COVID-19 has accelerated the inclusion of technology in the officiating of the sport.

It is expected that the Hawk-Eye Live system will play a significant role in grand slams and major tennis tournaments in the future, even in a post-COVID world.

There is also discussion around potential sponsorship opportunities with Hawk-Eye Live.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Hawk-Eye director of tennis, Ben Figueiredo, said that standard calls and shouts of “out” and “fault” could be replaced by shouts of sponsor’s names.

“The capacity is unlimited.

“It can be bespoke, determined by the tournament.

“There’s even been some discussion about sponsors names, rather than the out call.

“That’s worth exploring as well,” Figueiredo said.

“You will probably find the more traditional events such as the slams will stick to ‘out’ and ‘fault’ but you never know,” he said.

Hawk-Eye has discussed options with key sponsors such as Kia, Rolex, and Ralph Lauren.

Although major tournaments and grand slams are predicted to opt-out of this sponsorship method, it provides an opportunity for minor tournaments that are low on cash and endorsements.

Integration of sponsorship into video and automated refereeing technology is becoming more common, as well.

In Australia, KFC advertises their products whilst ‘The Bunker’ make their on-screen decision at NRL games, with McDonald’s sponsoring the A-League’s VAR system.

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