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Greenroom Digital and RCKT Co Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Sports Marketing in Australia


Greenroom Digital and RCKT Co have announced a strategic partnership, merging two leading industry players with unique strengths and a shared dedication to driving innovation in sports marketing.

Greenroom Digital, a renowned sports digital marketing agency, is celebrated for its cutting-edge digital, technology, and data activation capabilities. Conversely, RCKT Co is a powerhouse in sports marketing, excelling in content creation, talent management, and social media. Together, their mission is to offer comprehensive, integrated services finely tuned to the sports sector.

Harnessing Collective Expertise
The partnership looks to capitalise on RCKT Co’s extensive industry expertise and creative flair in tandem with Greenroom Digital’s state-of-the-art digital strategies. This synergy is poised to craft superior marketing approaches, elevate audience interaction, and amplify brand growth.

Mark Raisbeck and Jimmy Mellowes, Founders of RCKT Co, shared their thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “Teaming up with Greenroom Digital is a natural progression following multiple successful campaigns. It heralds a groundbreaking chapter in our dedication to pioneering services in sports marketing and content production.”

Pioneering Innovation
At the heart of this partnership lies a commitment to continually explore and apply the latest digital advancements and trends. Their objective is to position clients at the vanguard of creativity and digital innovation in the sports realm. Leveraging their global reach, both entities are primed to deliver top-tier solutions and outstanding outcomes for their clientele.

Nick Biggin, CEO of Greenroom Digital, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, remarking, “Collaborating with RCKT Co to forge the next era of sports partnerships is truly exhilarating. Sport epitomises passion and shared moments. Our previous ventures with RCKT have consistently showcased their dedication to delivering cutting-edge fan and brand experiences through sports content.”

Integrated Services for Amplified Impact
The partnership endeavours to offer brands a comprehensive suite of integrated services. By merging Greenroom’s sophisticated digital strategies and technologies with RCKT Co’s prowess in managing sports alliances and curating compelling sports content, they aspire for broader reach and heightened engagement.

This partnership underscores the unwavering commitment of both firms to innovation and excellence within the sports marketing domain. Their collaborative endeavors are projected to inject fresh value into the industry, steering superior outcomes in digital campaigns and audience engagement.

Gazing Ahead
Both Greenroom Digital and RCKT Co are filled with optimism about the possibilities of their partnership and are committed to ensuring its success. They firmly believe that by amalgamating their strengths, they can establish new benchmarks in Australian sports marketing and digital solutions.

This collaboration heralds a significant stride in the realm of sports marketing, pledging to usher in enhanced value and innovative solutions for the Australian sports industry.

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