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Gfinity Launches Digital Media Arm To Diversify Revenue


UK esports organisation, Gfinity, has announced the launch of Gfinity Digital Media, a new digital media arm with the aim of diversifying revenue.

This comes as the company’s digital users surpass ten million during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen a surge in interest in esports with the absence of live sports around the world.

Gfinity Digital Media will be headed by former Gfinity web and social channels lead, Talal Musa, and will attempt to grow income generated by website takeovers and programmatic advertising (CPM), ecommerce, as well as content creation partnerships.

Gfinity chief executive, John Clarke, said the creation of the new digital media arm will absorb the growth and success of Gfinity’s digital platform during COVID-19.

“Gfinity’s focus is on diversifying our revenue streams and placing greater emphasis on driving value from what we own and create,” Clarke said.

“Tens of millions of gamers choose to engage with great Gfinity content each month.

“It is time to take this to the next level and maximise the monetisation potential which is significant and high margin.

“Gfinity Digital Media is one way we are doing this.

“During the lockdown we have seen an unprecedented growth in interest in gaming.

“Thanks to our strategy and expertise, Gfinity was in the best possible position to talk to and engage with this new influx of gamers.

“We have grown our reach, now it is time to deepen engagement,” he said.

The launch of Gfinity Digital Media is combined with both Gfinity Plus, a rewards programme offering exclusive content, forums, gamification and giveaways to subscribers, and Gfinity’s StealthOptional portal, involving the sale of next-generation hardware as part of its AWIN and Trackonomics partnerships.

The creation of this department is backed by Gfinity registering more than ten million combined users in the previous 12 months, with its social channels generating 31 million impressions and Gfinityesports.com monthly users rising from 5,652 in May 2019 to more than 6.31 million last month.

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