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Football, Baseball, And Pizza: LeBron James’ Brand Continues To Profit

Football, Baseball, And Pizza: LeBron James’ Brand Continues To Profit

LeBron James made headlines last week after becoming a partial team owner of the Boston Red Sox.

His minor stake in the Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise was made possible by his long-term investment in Fenway Sports Group, which are owners of the Red Sox.

The Los Angeles Laker star has become well known for his financial moves off the court, with significant stakes in various companies and teams.

Through Fenway Sports Group, he owns a 2% stake in English Premier League team Liverpool Football Club, which was worth AUD$8.5 million at time of purchase but is now worth roughly AUD$55 million, according to SportsPro Media.

He also invested AUD$1.3 million in start-up chain Blaze Pizza which has grown to AUD$32 million, on top of an AUD$900 million payment he received from being a silent investor in Beats when they were bought by Apple.

His recent investment in baseball has brought the spotlight back to his long-term future in sports business.

It is hard to predict where he may invest next, with a broad range of connections and loyalties to teams and cities.

His NBA has seen him play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers.

In the baseball world, James, an Ohio-native, caused controversy when he described himself as a lifelong Yankees fan, wearing the team’s cap at a 2007 American League playoff game in Cleveland.

He was, however, seen supporting his local Cleveland Indians in the 2016 season, whilst playing in his second stint at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Fenway Sports Group opted to invest in the Red Sox whilst the Boston-based team undergo a roster rebuild and deal with injuries to key players.

Despite his broad investment outlay, his personal interest appears to be in basketball, with James stating his intentions to own an NBA team after he retires.

When asked last week on the topic, James was adamant about his plans.

“That is my goal – my goal is to own an NBA franchise,” James said.

“It’ll be sooner than later,” he said.

He will not be able to own a stake in an NBA team if he is still active in the league, but at 36 years old, it is likely he is already scouting options.

His ownership of a team would arguably boost their popularity and profile, regardless of their current position.

In a potentially similar scenario, Michael Jordan’s ownership of the Charlotte Hornets has been a relative success, with the team on track to make the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

James’ lifetime contract with Nike would also put any club owned by him in good stead to secure brand deals and endorsements.

It is estimated that his deal with the sportswear giant will bring him over AUD$1.3 billion by the time he is 64 years old.

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