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Fan+ Picks Up SaleForce Australia Experience Bookings

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Fan+ Picks Up SaleForce Australia Experience Bookings

Experience marketplace FAN+ has picked up Salesforce Australia’s experience booking for 2022 across sports and entertainment.

FAN+ connects fans with their sporting clubs, athletes and personalities via live experiences, and will now use Salesforce for bookings which will include corporate hospitality, gifting, team building, staff, and client entertaining.

The customer relationship management system (CRM), Salesforce, is well established in the Australian market with its mission to “build bridges between businesses and customers” and establish “meaningful connections.”

Fan+, founded by the former boss of the Australian men’s professional basketball team, Sydney King’s, Rod Hary’s said: “We are very excited to be working with the team at Salesforce Australia.”

“Our business went through a challenging period over the past 2 years, so it’s very encouraging to see them bounce back with a spike in sales and bookings.”

“The first 4 months of this year have been our biggest since we started the business in 2019.

“We have some very exciting opportunities on the horizon and are looking forward to the post covid bounce back and delivering on our growth and scale ambitions.

FAN+ is also working with corporates Accolade Wines, My Muscle Chef, Wicked Sister, Scape Australia and Helloworld Travel.

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