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EBU announces innovative streaming platform ahead of major international competitions


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), a coalition of public service broadcasters throughout Europe, has launched its inaugural direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming platform, Eurovision Sport.

The aim of Eurovision Sport is to “enhance the amount of free public access to sports content across Europe.”

This platform will showcase a diverse array of events, offering thousands of hours of content in one digital hub, thus complementing the existing coverage provided by public service media.

Eurovision Sport will collaborate with the EBU’s network of public service members to deliver extensive coverage of various Olympic sports such as athletics, gymnastics, skiing and swimming. It will encompass events ranging from World to European Championships, multi-sport events and national championships.

Among the upcoming competitions to be streamed on this digital platform are the World Aquatics Championships in Doha (February 2-18), the International Biathlon Union World Championships in Czechia (February 7-18) and the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow (March 1-3).

Eurovision Sport has secured the media rights for the 37th edition of the America’s Cup, scheduled for later this year, in 39 territories.

In collaboration with Nagravision, the EBU has developed and will operate the streaming platform, which is currently accessible online and via an app. Later this year, it will also be available on connected TVs and selected free ad-supported streaming TV channels.

The EBU currently oversees media rights for 14 sports on behalf of public service media through agreements with 28 international sports federations.

“Eurovision Sport is a game-changer for sports fans across Europe and right around the world,” beamed Noel Curran, Director General of the EBU.

“Currently only a third of sports fans have access to premium sports channels. Through its free streaming, we hope Eurovision Sport will democratise access to live sports coverage and help grow individual sports through visibility and engagement.”

Glen Killane, executive director for sport at the EBU, added, “With the support of public service media, we’ll be able to provide sports federations with an unrivalled shop window for their sports around the world.

“In this fragmented digital world, it is difficult and expensive for sports fans to find and access the sport they love and for sports federations to attract new audiences. This digital platform provides a solution to both of those problems. Together with our members, the EBU will ensure that every second of our events is available to all for free in every country in Europe and around the world.

“Diversity and inclusion are also at the heart of this platform. The EBU and our members have the most gender-balanced range of sports rights in the market and women’s sports will be a key part of our ongoing strategy.”

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