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Diego Maradona’s Net Worth Before His Death Highlights Troubles After Playing Career

Diego Maradona’s Net Worth Before His Death Highlights Troubles After Playing Career

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ebated alongside Pele as one of the greatest football players of all time, Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60 due to a heart attack.

The Argentine World Cup-winning captain was once one of the highest paid athletes in the world at the peak of his career, but a life of addiction to cocaine and alcohol, along with legal and financial troubles, left Maradona with an estimated net worth of AUD$135,700, according to Express.co.uk.

During his seven years spent at Italian top-flight club, Napoli, Maradona reportedly left with $60 million in unpaid taxes, which Italian authorities revealed in 2009, in turn seizing a selection of Maradona’s jewellery worth $68,000.

Maradona reportedly earned a salary of $3 million during his time at Napoli, and collected almost $10 million in endorsements, before becoming a manager for seven football clubs around the world, including the Argentina 2010 World Cup side.

Discussing his drug addiction and the impact it had on his career, Maradona, when he was 53, in 2014, told Argentina’s Tyc Sports if he weren’t addicted to drugs during his playing career, he would have been an even greater player.

“I gave my opponents a big advantage due to my illness,” Maradona said.

“Do you know the player I could have been if I hadn’t taken drugs?

“I am 53 going on 78 because my life hasn’t been normal.

“I’ve lived 80 with the life I’ve gone through,” he said.

Discussing the Italian tax debt he racked up during his time at Napoli, Maradona blamed the debt on a ‘Napoli director’ who didn’t inform him about the original tax bill, causing the bill to increase by $37 million over it’s original amount due to fees and interest.

In 2016, Maradona told Italy’s Corriere della Sera he had paid the tax bill fully in 2003: “I don’t owe anything.”

“They have been hounding me unfairly over the last 25 years for €40 million with €35 million in fines for an alleged tax violation that every single judge has ruled did not exist.

“I do not want anyone to be in my situation.

“I do not owe anyone anything.

“Many people will have to repent for what they have done me because, despite being innocent, they have treated like the worst criminal,” he said, to which the Italian authorities insisted there were still tens of millions of dollars left on the bill to be paid.

Despite all of the off-field drama surrounding Maradona’s legacy, most will undoubtedly remember the Argentinian football icon for his success on the field, and of course for his “Hand of God” goal against England in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final.

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